The Don Paterson Situation

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One of the UK’s leading poets, Don Paterson, is also a guitarist. He played with the jazz-folk ensemble ‘Lammas’ and is now back playing music at the highest level with Scotland’s most talented jazz musicians: pianist Steve Hamilton, bassist Euan Burton and drummer Alyn Cosker.

Born in Dundee in 1963, he later moved to London to work as a jazz musician – which was around the same time he started writing poetry. He now is a lecturer at the University of St Andrews. Music is important to Paterson. “How can I put it? You don’t get to choose what you are better at, and if I had a choice, I would have preferred to be a better musician, really. Because it’s the thing that I love more. Which isn’t to say that I don’t love poetry. But maybe its to say that my relationship with literature has been such a working, professional one for such a long time – inevitably that subtracts a certain amount of the magic.”

Does music influence his poetry? “I always think that as a single organism, if you do any two activities, after a while you are going to find analogies and rhymes between them. If you are doing – I don’t know, origami and hang-gliding – it will be the same thing again. A lot of the analogies that people make between music and poetry are actually quite facile, they’re not true. But at a technical level there are some things, in my mind at least, that are mapped to each other.” He adds: “There is a normative shift in poetry where sound are sense are much more evenly balanced than they are in other forms of verbal communication. Sound and sense make double-sided signs in poetry, and it helps if you can listen carefully – and I think that’s a skill you can learn from playing.”

Concert on Saturday 11th February at 8.00pm. Details

Stephen Fearing

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Stephen Fearing is one of Canada’s most respected performers. A stunning guitar player with a smooth, intimate and powerful voice, who throughout his career has penned some of the most literate, stirring and emotionally charged “folk” music you’re ever likely to hear.

Stephen Fearing was born in 1963 in Vancouver, British Columbia and grew up in Dublin, Ireland where his schoolmates included future members of U2. In 1981, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and immersed himself in the music scene, learning the fundamentals of song writing and performing, while washing dishes to stay alive.

By 1984 he was back in Vancouver, determined to become a professional musician. In the years since, he’s been named as one of the finest songwriters in Canada. He built a national – and international – audience for his music, doing it old school through countless performances at intimate venues and on the concert stages of festivals and theatres across Canada, the US, and the UK, with appearances at major events like the Reading Festival and WOMAD, to name just a few.

“Fearing’s music crackles with ideas and collaborative energy… masterful guitar work from acoustic rock rhythm to elegant finger style.” Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Concert on 9th February at 8.00pm. Tickets from

Coffee Concert with pupils from the Yehudi Menuhin School

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Following the success of last year’s concert we are delighted to announce that as part of their annual tour of Scotland, pupils from the Yehudi Menuhin School will play a Coffee Concert on 8th February 2017. The admission price includes coffee and a selection of cakes.

Yehudi Menuhin founded his famous school in England to provide the environment and tuition for musically gifted children from all over the world to pursue their love of music, develop their musical potential, and achieve standards of performance on stringed instruments and piano at the highest level.

Doors open at 10.30 for coffee and cake with the performance starting at 11.15am. Duration approx 45 mins.