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Part of Live Borders, VOMO (Voice Of My Own) is a multi-award winning project offering young people across the Scottish Borders opportunities in TV, film and radio production.

A local TV news bulletin is produced every week where the young people produce the content and operate the studio. The news programme and other features, including comedy and music, are uploaded to www.vomo.tv for viewing.

VOMO supports young people from all backgrounds. As well as technical and creativity skills they have opportunities to develop communication, leadership and relationship skills. These are highly transferable to other industries and can help build confidence in vulnerable individuals.

If you know someone who would like to take part or you have news story the team might like to follow-up then please contact us via our website. All VOMO activities are free.

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Upper Hall (side door)
Volunteer Hall
Gala Park

Website: http://www.vomo.tv
Email: lisa.cowan@liveborders1.org.uk
Phone: 01896 755 738
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