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Are you a Scottish Borders Business, Organisation or Group?
If so then should definitely be of interest to you.

This guide provides useful information about the service and features provided to our potential subscribers.

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What is the Borders Directory on

When an entity becomes a Full Subscriber with they will be provided with an Enhanced Listing within our Borders Directory and an Account Login which will allow them to publish unlimited amounts of what we call Shoutouts.

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What is a Shoutout?

A Shoutout is a message which can posted on the site at any time by our fully subscribed members, which will normally in effect be an Advert.  It can contain, text, web links, images and even videos.

Our Shoutout posting facility comes with it 1 or 2 attractive features:


Yes, when you hit “Publish” your Shoutout will be on:

(1)  The Latest Shoutouts feed on the moving sidebar of our website
(2)  The Shoutouts page
(3)  The Facebook
(4)  The Twitter

So if what you have to say is popular and appeals to the public we give it every chance possible for it to go viral.  You even have the freedom to “Schedule” the Shoutout to appear online at a date and time of your choosing.

Posting a Shoutout is easy and will be linked to the users Directory Listing so your audience can easily see previous Shoutouts posted.

Here is a video tutorial on Shoutouts

Click here to read our Golden Rules for posting Shoutouts in the proper manner.

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So what is the cost?

The 1st question on everyone’s lips is most likely ……

OK, sounds good but how much does it cost to be on


Every Business/Organisation based in The Scottish Borders can have a Basic Listing in the Directory for FREE.  A Basic Listing is just Name, Address, Phone number and being listed under one Category/Area.  Naturally we do not want you to settle for a Basic Border Directory Listing, which gives you no means of describing what your business/organisation does, the services you can offer, the quality you can provide and crucially does not provide you with the Shoutout facility which is your means of posting advertisements or the information you want to get out there.

We hope every business/organisation in The Scottish Borders signs up to be a Full Subscriber with which would provide you with your Shoutout Account Log-in and an Enhanced Listing in our Borders Directory, which has the following benefits:

  1. Have a full description of the services/products your Business/Organisation can provide, with some images thrown in if you wish.
  2. A profile picture.  This could be a photograph of the business owner, your premises, your Business/Organisation Logo etc.
  3. Be listed under more than one Category Type/Area.
    (For example if a Builder also does Joinery, Plastering, Property Developing they could be listed under multiple Business Types.  Or if a business has branches in Galashiels and Hawick you can be listed under both areas, which makes you found much more easily in our search facilities.
  4. A fuller address inc your Postcode can be displayed.
  5. Further Phone Numbers and Contact Names can be displayed.
  6. Your website address can be displayed.
  7. Your email address can be displayed.
  8. Your listing should be found more easily on Google.
  9. Your Enhanced Listing should reach the top of Sector searches.
  10. The search should pick up key words within your Borders Directory listing which could be products perhaps associated with your business.

(goto NOW to see how a sample Enhanced Listing on the Borders Directory could look) becoming successful depends on businesses/organisations signing up to be Full Subscribers and also posting Shoutouts regularly keeping the site active.  This enables you to draw attention to your business, club etc and gain a lot of promotion.

The next question on everyone’s mind is obviously ……

How much does it cost to become a Full Subscriber?

The simple answer is £49.95 per Annum

(We are not currently registered for VAT, hence there is no VAT included)

We hope you are pleasantly surprised by the low cost and agree it is fantastic value.

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Some Extra Notes

Note1:  One of the reasons we do not allow automated accounts to be created is we will be vetting account applications as they arrive as we want to ensure that all our users are genuine and log-ins provided to responsible people/businesses particularly with regards the posting of Shoutouts.  The Golden Rules.  We aim to set up accounts within 3 days following sign up.

Note2: website is not available for individuals to subscribe to for social purposes.  It is for Businesses and organisations.  The General Public are the sites audience, not participants.  However there is freedom for interaction on our Social Media pages such as our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Note3:    Please note there are NO FREE Borders Directory Listings for Businesses/Organisations based outside The Scottish Borders, nor National Businesses.

Note4:    If you believe that there is not a suitable “Business/Organisation Sector Type” for your entity then please do email and let us know.  Our Borders Directory is not set in stone and has the flexibility to expand with new sectors when appropriate.

Note5:    We are not perfect, no websites are, and unfortunately from time to time, hopefully rare, there may be an error in our directories eg spelling, typo, incorrect phone number or maybe simply your business/organisation name is just not being displayed in the way that you would like.  Over time there may be cases where a business is no longer in existence which is still in our Borders Directory.  Again please let us know and point these out and we will aim to correct very quickly.  We want you to play your part in making the website as good as it can possibly be.

Note6:     Following on from Note5. was launched in 2016.  Despite much testing of its functionality the only true test is having hundreds of subscribers interacting on it.  We have little doubt there will be things we discover that we were previously unaware of.  If you get any problems or frustrations it would be great to get your feedback so we can try and resolve any issues.  Many thanks!


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Sign up now!

Hopefully this Guide will have answered most of your questions, so go ahead and complete the Website Sign Up Form and we will be in touch shortly.

However if you feel you still have some questions that we have not covered then please feel free to email us at or use our Enquiry Form to get in touch and ask us anything you like.

Likewise if you feel that you have some suggestions and improvements that you would like to see on the site please get in touch.  We love constructive criticism.  It is this feedback that has the potential to make even better.

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