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You can buy BORDER BROTHERS by Margaret Cook at many online outlets including Amazon and Wordery; at many Edinburgh bookshops, including Waterstones and Blackwells. In the Borders it can be found, inter alia, at the House of Soutra and at the wonderful Main Street Trading Bookshop in St Boswells.Border Brothers Cover It can even be bought from the Book Mark in Grantown on Spey.

On Soutra Open Days, organised by Dr Brian Moffat, Border Brothers has been on sale on site, whatever the weather. There will be more Open Days at the end of August.

Border Brothers is the story of the end of the hugely important and powerful mediaeval Abbey Hospital at Soutra in mid-fifteenth century, an event that is shrouded in mystery. If you stand on top of Soutra Moor, there are no visible ruins of the immense institution this once was; they are all underground. A suitable analogy for the record of its demise.  One can only ponder, imagine and create a story, which may or may not be near the truth. Where once stood this huge edifice, with a church that was at least as big as Jedbergh Abbey, now all is animal pasture and wind farms. The wonderful view towards the Forth and beyond however has not changed since those distant days, and if you gaze long enough at approaching storms from the north, you wonder if they are wandering ghosts of long ago.


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