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Further Expansion at Hogg and Thorburn, Chartered Accountants and Tax Specialists, Galashiels.

The Partners in Hogg and Thorburn are delighted to announce that Mr Bruce Currie, FAAT and Mrs Jayne Rogerson BA CA, have been appointed Associates with immediate effect.
Hogg and Thorburn C. A., have been in business in Galashiels for nearly 70 years and are continuing their expansion to meet the varied needs of clients, both large and small, with these two new appointments.

Bruce Currie has been with the firm for over 14 years and has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of management account production for various types of businesses. We regard this as essential for some of our clients and it allows them to monitor and run their businesses more successfully and satisfy the needs of bank managers etc. More often than not, Bruce travels to the clients’ premises as we want to give the client the maximum benefit of his services with the least possible disruption and this has proven to be extremely effective. Bruce can be contacted at

Mrs Jayne Rogerson BA CA, carried out her accountancy training at Hogg and Thorburn over 20 years ago and once qualified went on to have a career in private practice and eventually ran her own very successful accountancy firm. We are delighted to welcome her back and Jayne’s experience gained over the years, across a very broad spectrum of businesses, will be invaluable.
We are getting a lot of enquiries about “Cloud Accounting” which many businesses see as the future path for all types of accounts preparation and Jayne has mastered one of the providers of this software. She is able to discuss the many benefits of using it with clients and can organise its full implementation into the business and all aspects of training until the client is confident in its use. Jayne can be contacted at jr@hoggandthorburn.co.uk.

Payroll procedures have become increasingly difficult and time consuming for all businesses recently and with the advent of Auto Enrolment (AE), many of our clients have asked us to carry out all their payroll requirements especially organising AE. We have a dedicated payroll team that are more than capable of dealing with all business owners needs when it comes to payroll and we see the biggest risk for small employers in the near future, is ignoring AE or not tackling the procedures correctly. The fines are huge and we would urge any employer who has not registered or has a question on AE to contact us without any obligation. Our wages department can be contacted at wages@hoggandthorburn.co.uk.

Over the last few years, Hogg and Thorburn has invested heavily in all the up to date technology and we are confident this investment will pay dividends not only for us but also for all our clients. “We believe in giving a first class service at a price which we are happy to stand comparison with against other Chartered Accountants in the Borders and invite business owners to contact us to explore all that we can offer”, says Vivien Hogg C.A., one of the Partners.

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