Advancing Eve is an inter-generational membership community that aims to provide a broad spectrum of support to girls and women, initially based in the Scottish Borders (geographical expansion would be considered as a means of future growth), to achieve their aspirations.

Research shows that for females to achieve their goals, irrespective of age or goal, they benefit from a strong female inner circle. Through the ages, females have always worked more effectively when there was a collaborative, co-operative approach in working together, particularly with inter-generational working. Today, the informal infrastructure that would facilitate with collaborative approach has been eroded, with many girls and women commenting on how they feel alone, unable to speak with peers about their worries, fears, hopes, and aspirations, mostly as a result of the competitive or comparative culture that has replaced the collaboration and cooperation. Advancing Eve’s overarching aim is to provide this infrastructure, along with support.


Appreciating how broad this aim is, the organisation will focus on five ages of females and five themes of support.


The company’s activities will provide benefit to …

Girls aged 11 to 18 years -we call this group Erin

Young women aged 19 to22 years – we call this group Lara

Women aged 23 to 39 years – we call this group Lauren

Women aged 40 to 64 years – we call this group Emily

Women aged 65+ – we call this group Christine

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