Needle felting, 3d, 2d, wet stuff, if it involves wool I will give it a go. So what can I say about needle felting? Its stabbing wool with a very very sharp barbed needle until it takes on a shape or image. I love the way wool can be manipulated into something spectacular, so many colours and textures. Creating art with wool is a magical thing indeed. Take 3d sculptures, who would have thought something solid could be created from lengths of fluffy wool.
So what can I do to help you? Well I can make you the perfect gift, personalised, unique to that special person. If you need a mascot for your club I can create one. Do you have a pet that you would love a portrait of? Imagine that, a portrait made entirely from wool.
If you are someone who loves to gift handcrafted, thoughtful, personal, quality gifts then I’m your woman. Let me know what it is you would like and I will bend over backwards (well as best I can, got a bit of a dodgy back) to help. I ensure every piece created is made with care, a gift to treasure
from the tiny Mini Meeces to big wise Owls.

I am a member of the International Felters Association and the Professional Crafters Guild.
I teach needle felting workshops to share my knowledge and love of the craft. If you would like to learn come along, they are great fun and never underestimate the pleasure of giving something a good stab, its good for the soul and mental wellbeing. I can also arrange group workshops in your own home if you are local to me.

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