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Since 2009 I’ve been working with Healers, Coaches and Wellness Practitioners to establish a presence online and create a powerful income stream (or streams) that work beautifully alongside your bricks and mortar business.

I’ve helped 100’s of women (and some men) to start earning at their true capacity and also, find their self-expression, letting go of the fear of “what will others think” through my online program “Visible”.

I created “Realm” an online membership platform, community and portal for women to express their ideas in a safe space and start implementing their ideas to make them a reality. Inside Realm, we use a specific set of foundational practices to connect into your highest Vision and Life’s work, then follow our innate guidance and intuition alongside Strategies that work for you personally (not just formulas) to ensure that your business succeeds in the Realm you are creating.

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