Hi everyone, my name’s Carly and I’m the new Charity Manager at Cash for
Kids in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland.
I have worked for Cash for Kids for almost 6 years now, starting in Dundee
now with the opportunity to make a difference to the little lives of children
and young people living in the Scottish Borders.
I am so passionate about my job. I am determined to wake up every day
and work tirelessly to change the lives of the children who need it most
living in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland.
Quite often the needs of others can go unnoticed, I am the first to admit
that before I worked for this charity, I had no idea the desperate situations
others are in. These people who are living next door, in our communities,
right on our doorstep.
Having a child with additional needs or a life limiting illness is one of the
most difficult things a parent can go through. Add to that the need to be
financially stable and it is no wonder things can get too much for families.
That is why we are here. We are here to help these families who need
support, we will purchase that piece of equipment for the child to lead a
better life, we will fund that respite so that the parents can get a break. We
will be there, as the glimmer of hope in the darkness, the light at the end
of the tunnel, for these families, for as long as we are needed.
We also support local community groups, small children’s charities and
families living in poverty. Every penny raised in the Scottish Borders and
North Northumberland stays in the Scottish Borders and North
Northumberland, supporting the children that need us most.
If you’d like to find out more about the work I’m doing please do reach out,
I would love to chat. You can contact me
here: carly.mackenzie@bauermedia.co.uk

Thank you. Together we CAN make a difference.

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