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Running any type of business, group or organisation whether big or small is extremely hard work and requires you to not only be dedicated but also to make intelligent business decisions – often on a limited budget.

Taking advantage of advertising methods that are inexpensive is important and the perfect example of a cheap way to advertise is to use an online business directory to list your business, group or organisation.

Ensuring that your business, group or organisation is visible in such a competitive world is vital and is directly linked to your success.
You will need to make sure that your potential clients find it easy to see who you are and what you are offering if you want to build up a base of clients and it is important to attract locally based customers, as these people will be the backbone of your company.

You can’t grow a business, group or organisation until you have established it and taking advantage of online advertising channels is vital.

You defiantly need your own website and have a social media presence but all of these things will require you to constantly work to maintain them.

So how will you drive your potential clients to your website or social media streams?….

"I can see you"

Improving the visibility of your organisation is really important and getting exposure online is a great way to promote any type of business.

The online world is an extremely competitive one and this means that if you don’t take advantage of things like Borders.co.uk, you can be sure that your competition is and you will likely miss out on getting new clients as other companies will be more visible than yours.

Improving the visibility of any type of business is vital and you will need to make sure that your listing includes all of the following information in order for it to be productive:

  • Opening times
  • Location
  • The services or products you offer
  • Brief background
  • Reasons to use your organisation, such as competitive prices or qualified employees
  • Contact information, including an email address and telephone number

You will be able to target your audience by listing your business, group or organisation through our online directory, as they will specifically be looking for your services, products or organisation information.

"More than just a Directory Listing"

Borders.co.uk is a highly active Hub for the Borders area and has build a large scale of activity with in the community which allows your area of reach to be achieved.

Our Website receives over


weekly visits. With the largest group coming from the Borders Region.

We share community information, events, news, regional interest and more from around the Borders that lands our visitors to our website.

We have a large percentage of return visitors who find our website information very useful.

Our Social Media Streams compliment our website activity, with an ever growing community that sits within the Border region.

Currently we have over


followers over a number of Social Media Streams

Our regular postings attract large engagement from our followers that makes us a greater part of the Borders area communities, cementing our aim of creating a hub-of- all-things-Borders. 

We have an excellent ready-made platform to market and advertise to your targeted area and reach out to those people of the Borders Region.

"Our features"


  • List your business, group or organisation in our directory.
  • Have your location displayed in our map on our home page.
  • Be easily searched for when using our search facility.
    Option to be “Featured” so your listing appears at the top of a search result.
  • Use our authority as a way to increase search engine optimisation and direct traffic to your own website and social media.
  • Reach out to an already-made audience within the Borders  region.


  • Shoutouts are a great way to get a message out to our website visitors and social media streams.
  • Posts instantly to our home page and social media streams.
  • Reach a larger audience with our online communities.
  • Help drive traffic to your website.
  • Post as often as you like.


  • Dedicated Social Network for the Borders. 
  • Participate in the Borders social Network and reach out to your potential clients.
  • A fun way to stay connected with the goings-on in the Borders.
  • Create an account and connect with people
  • Communicate and share useful information

Event Listings

  • Generate awareness of your event – Tell people whats going on in your Business, Group or Organisation.
  • Build you organisation reach – Onboard more people
  • Get more attendees – Publicise to our community

Online Store

  • Do you want to get on the bandwagon and start selling your products online?
    Do you want to compliment your online selling by reaching a greater audience?
  • Borders.co.uk is a great way to aid your eCommerce needs by including your products with in our online store.
  • We take the added costs of investing your time and money in running an eCommerce website.
  • Not only will we manage your shop orders we will market and promote your product throughout our online communities.

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