14 days MonFitClub Challenge Completed :)

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These pictures show only 2 weeks progress – yes 14 days!!! We just completed our #14daysMonFitChallenge. My members had not been asked to buy into some supplements or starve themselves. All I have asked them to do is to move their ass and be more active and cut down on some unhealthy crap. Constantly I am trying to change people’s approach to fitness, fighting the perception of exercise being a boring chore or treated as a punishment, and weight loss and nutrition being over complicated. Trust me this battle is not easy!!!

Right so again I will share with you my other reason why fitness and healthy lifestyle is so important to me. I think having a healthy body and being fit is exclusive these days. Why exclusive, I shall explain … anyone can get their hair done, put a lovely make up on and buy the best clothes out there. It is effortless, you just need the money to do it – spend 200 quid and you’re done. Now, is having a nice figure and be generally healthy – not only physically, but also having a good relationship with food and feeling confident in your body, is that easy? Not at all. People are generally lazy and do not want to put hard work and time into things. We constantly looking for quick fix solutions, but I just accepted that I need to work my ass off to maintain my physique. Your looking after your nails, hair and brows – why don’t you start looking after the biggest asset you got – YOUR BODY?

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