A Bridge back in Time

December 2010 was a particularly hard winter. The bridge over the river Tweed was laden with snow in sub-zero freezing temperatures when I was out and about exploring on foot. The sun was in just the right location to light up the entire scene and added textural shadows from the bridge structure onto the slushy road.

This is what I enjoy most about my style of photography. Unscripted, art awaits where you can least expect it.

For one buyer though, it brought back fond memories of walking daily to work, in all weathers and the joy of having seen similar scenes on those journies but which she had no to record of.

Art Photography is more than just the image. For some it evokes memories or emotions that the photographer cannot be aware of at the time. This image finished up on the wall where it belonged in a house locally. Block mounted and unframed.

That’s what I love about this image.

‘Snow Bridge’

Avaialble as a Fine Art giclĂ©e, or photographic print, or other solution you can imagine. Visit the Shop online, pick an image from stock and create your own solution, or get in touch and let’s make art together.

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Graham Riddell Photography

Innerleithen, Scottish Borders
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