‘A Flight of Geese_2295’ – New Stock Image

I was out  on location for my first commercial commission this year for a client involved in Carbon Capture projects. It was a pretty dismal start to the day with dense fog lasting over two and a half hours,. When things eventually cleared my eye was caught by movement on the horizon. At first I thought I was looking at a starling murmuration as the black mass swept across the skyline, but as soon as I heard them, I knew that I was in fact looking at a flock of geese. Too distant to tell what they were, I watched as they performed their aerial display to an ignorant landscape under a broody February sky.

It was a great opportunity to get out and explore the landscape, somewhere knew to me but within my district.

#geese #flocking #naturephotography #stockphotography #landscape #ScottishBorders #skyporn #clouds #visitscotland #visitscottishborders 

Graham Riddell Photography

Innerleithen, Scottish Borders
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