Call out to all smallholders and fibre producers in the Borders

Do you have a hobby herd of sheep? Or a couple of angora goats? Do you harvest your Husky’s hair? Or are you an alpaca aficionado? We are interested to know more! We have created a survey to gather information about and map fibre in the Borders.

Our intention is four-fold:

– To create a map of all the fibre-producing smallholdings and farms in the Scottish Borders

– To establish a fibre library At Birkhill House CIC that represents all of the sheep/goat/alpaca/other breeds & work with these fibres to illustrate the differing characteristics and potential uses

– To explore the potential to match breeders so that they can pool fibre and therefore secure better deals on mill costs

– To offer tailored classes and workshops for those who would like to do more hand processing with their fibre

We have been working on a plan to launch services to support these aims for the past two years and are hoping that the more information we can amass, the better a service we can create. With that in mind, we ask that you please take a moment to answer a few questions for us…

The link is under the Community tab on our site and also in our bio:

Please share far and wide across the Borders.

Lara Armitage

Mental Health
Earlston, Scottish Borders
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