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SoSEP Consultation Events

South of Scotland Economic Partnership is hosting 28 consultation events (breakfast, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening meetings) across south Scotland for the general public and industry professionals.

Free tickets are available for the locations listed below – simply click the link for your chosen location and you will be redirected to an Eventbrite booking page where you can reserve your free ticket. If you require more than 2 tickets for any event please email: and we will try to help.

Online booking is essential to ease check in at venues.v


Spaces are limited so please book one event only.

Thank you


Public Consultations – All Welcome

13 May                6.45pm                Lochvale House                Dumfries

15 May                6.45pm                Kelso Rugby Club              Kelso

16 May                6.45pm                Peebles Rugby Club         Peebles

3 June                  6.45pm                Borders Campus               Galashiels

4 June                  6.45pm                Gordon Memorial Hall    Castle Douglas

6 June                  6.45pm                Town Hall                           Sanquhar

10 June                6.45pm                Catstrand                           New Galloway

11 June                6.45pm                Newlands Centre             West Linton

13 June                6.45pm                Buccleuch Centre             Langholm

17 June                6.45pm                Creebridge House Hotel Newton Stewart

18 June                6.45pm                Moffat Town hall             Moffat

19 June                6.45pm                Jed Forest Rugby Club     Jedburgh

24 June                6.45pm                Selkirk Rugby Club           Selkirk

25 June                6.45pm                Corner House Hotel        Annan

27June                 6.45pm                Community Hall                Newcastleton

1 July                    6.45pm                Eyemouth Hippodrome  Eyemouth

4 July                    6.45pm                Heart of Hawick                Hawick

Sector Meetings

The following events are for industry professionals across a range of sectors:


9 May                   8.15am Business Breakfast          Borders Campus              Galashiels

10 May                8.15am Business Breakfast          Stranraer College             Stranraer

3 June                  8.15am Business Breakfast          Hawick RFC                        Hawick

14 June                8.15am Business Breakfast          Lochvale House                Dumfries


Arts and Culture

5 June                  6.45pm Dumfries and Galloway Arts and Culture Sector   Kirkcudbright Gallery               Kirkcudbright

20 June                6.45pm Scottish Borders Arts and Culture Sector                  Borders Campus               Galashiels


Tourism and Hospitality

6 June                  11.15am Dumfries and Galloway Tourism & Hospitality Sector     Mill on the Fleet      Gatehouse

1 July                    11.15am Scottish Borders Tourism and Hospitality Sector              Melrose RFC                              Melrose


Food and Drink

3 June                  11.00am Scottish Borders Food and Drink Sector                              Hawick RFC                              Hawick



14 June                11.15am Dumfries RSIP  Workshop                                                        Lochvale House   Dumfries

20 June                3.15pm Galashiels RSIP Workshop                                                        Borders Campus Galashiels


If you are unable to attend one of the public consultation or specialist events you can find up to date SoSEP news at

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