MacArts brings you a double whammy of acoustic punk-rock TONIGHT!!!!

Withered Hand is the creative output of Edinburgh-based musician Dan Willson.
A cult figure in the Scottish music scene since 2009, Dan has released two widely acclaimed albums, New Gods (2014) and Good News (2009) and several lo-fi EPs and has toured extensively, both solo and with his band, and with the likes of King Creosote, Kris Drever, James Yorkston, Scott Hutchison/Frightened Rabbit.

‘Every label needs a vegan Scotsman, so went out and nabbed the very best: Billy Liar. The wee lad is known as a punk troubadour who has covered a LOT of ground in Europe and America with his acoustic guitar, but on Billy’s debut album, “Some Legacy”, our hero is backed by a loud rock band. Imagine a horde of rowdy punks led by a very, very small version of William Wallace with big songs about friendship, despair, tolerance, love, anxiety and life in Edinburgh. It’s an 11-song uplifting battle cry that will rally all the clans!’
Toby Jeg – Red Scare Industries

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