Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat Day

Join us at this special event from Peer 2 Peer Mindfulness and Diane Simpson Yoga

Surrender to an inspiring blend of mindfulness meditations and dedicated yoga practice, delivered by renowned and respected teachers on these Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat Days.

Discover well-being from the inside out and wind up feeling blissfully rested, inspired and energised, all in ONE DAY – Saturday, 9th February 2019, in Hawick Evergreen Hall. Click HERE for more information

This Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat Day programme includes dedicated yoga sessions alongside mindfulness meditations, connecting both practices to deepen your sense of mind-body awareness. You will learn techniques to slow down, notice the present moment, connect with yourself, and give time, energy, space, love and appreciation to yourself. Once we know what gentle, loving care feels like then we can all share with others and nourish relationships. Giving to ourselves first is not a selfish act, it is selfless.

February is a time of self-love. The immune system and digestion can weaken in the cooler months but Yoga strengthens them. The body and the planet are 75% water but we all know that when water is not moving it becomes stagnant. In Yoga, we allow the waves of the breath to gently oscillate through the body exhaling any tightness in the body and mind and anything that no longer serves us.

All yoga poses on the day will be gentle not rigid and we will be working within everyone’s capability including from seated if you prefer. We will also be treating you to a yoga nidra.

Our aim is for you to leave armed with the tools of mindfulness and yoga to effortlessly fit the practices into your busy days and build up naturally as you feel the benefits develop and re-connect with the real you!

Book your place at the special day right now HERE

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