Paint & Prosecco Parties

Gather your favourite people and dive into a world of fun, colour, and creativity.

Dive into a world where artistry meets accessibility. My Paint Party is more than just an event — it’s a celebration of creativity that everyone can participate in, even without a single stroke of a brush or a previous art class.

Acrylic pour art is a unique, free-flowing experience that defies the boundaries of traditional painting. It’s about letting colours blend and patterns emerge naturally, guided by your intuition and the dynamic movement of liquid art. The result? Stunning, abstract masterpieces that are as unique as you are.

I believe that everyone has an artistic side waiting to be explored. With the simple, yet exciting process of acrylic pouring, you’ll:

  • Embrace Spontaneity: Let go of perfection and enjoy the surprise with each pour.
  • Discover New Techniques: Learn a fun, innovative art form.
  • Create Lasting Memories: Not just art, but an unforgettable experience to share.
  • Express Without Limits: No lines to stay within or shapes to replicate; it’s art that truly represents you.

Whether you’re looking to unwind, celebrate, or just try something new, my Paint Parties offer the perfect blend of laughter, leisure, and learning.

Ready to pour your heart out on canvas?

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Melanie McEwan

Art and Decor
Kelso, Scottish Borders
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