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Leighanne Easton, from Premnay near Insch, was diagnosed with a tumour in July 2013 after suffering from chronic headaches, double vision, sickness and other conditions since January of that year.

She died the following January at the age of just 26.

But in her final months, Leighanne, also known as Lilly, kept up a positive attitude and ticked off a bucket list of things she wanted to do with her loved ones before she died.

She also spent a great deal of her time working to raise awareness of brain tumours in people her age.

Her family teamed up with Brain Tumour Action (BTA) to further her mission, and is backing the charity’s new Bang On The Door campaign.

The new initiative aims to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of brain tumours in young adults – the fourth most common cancer in the age group – and get those with worries to keep “banging the door” of their doctors to get a diagnosis at an early stage.

Brain tumours are the third commonest cancer in men and the fourth commonest in women aged 25-49. If you are worried it is important to seek help. Please SHARE and spread the message #BangOnTheDoor

Leighanne was born and raised in Jedburgh where many gave generously to a fund raiser for her bucket list all money left over was used to set up her fund which has gone towards this series of awareness videos. Please share the tag #BangOnTheDoor to help spread the word. If it helps just one person get a diagnosis quicker it is worth it.

#getinvolved #teamborders #BangOnTheDoor

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