User Guides


Because this is a new website all passwords were reset.

All of your login user names and email addresses were retained which can be used to perform a “reset password” by clicking the button below.

An email will be sent to you to perform this reset and allow access in to our user areas of our website.

If you have any issues with this email us at and we will sort this in a jiffy!


To access our many features of our website you must first register as a user.

This is simply done by navigating to our registration page

Fill in the information in the relevant boxes.

Submit the form.

Check your email for a conformation and click on the link
(Check your spam folder just in case)

Login to our website where you will have access to our BordR social network and see whats going on in our website.

This will also grant you access to upgrade to our premium features.

Directory Listing

Our directory listings is a premium feature available on our website and social media streams.

By upgrading to this feature you will have your own page within our site which is fully custom and editable to your needs and you will have full control of the content on your page.

Your page will also appear in our map and search module to help you reach out to our web and social community.

First off be sure to be a registered user and logged in to our site

Navigate to our directory page

And conduct a search to find if your business/organisation is already listed within our website.

If you find a listing for your business/organisation:

In the right hand column you will see a link

“Business Owner?”

Click this link and a dialogue box will open up

Fill in the information and press submit button

An email will be sent to you and we will verify you are the rightful owner (We may ask for further detail)

Once verified you will be sent an email with details of how to customise your page.

If you do not find a listing for your business/organisation:

Click the button below and this will allow you to submit a new directory listing


A shoutout is a premium service offered on our website.

A shout out is a great way to reach out to our 10s of 1000s of web and social users.

Once you post your shout out it will be posted on our website, on our social media pages and emailed to our web subscribers, getting your message to a wider audience.

As this is a premium service you need to be registered and logged in to our website.

Once you are logged in, navigate to our “Add Shoutout page”

Once there you have 2 options:

Instant Shoutout: This posts within a few moments of hitting the submit button.

Scheduled Shoutout: Will post at a date and time specified.

Fill in the relevant form for your needs.

Add a Title as a headline
Add a Descriptive description.
Upload an Image to give the post more impact.

Please read the Golden Rules below our Shoutout Submission Boxes!


Fancy having your Event promoted through out our web and social channels?

Simply navigate to our Add Event page.

Fill in the details and submit your event.

We will moderate your event and will appear in due course.


BordR is our very own dedicated social network to The Borders and also the hub of our functionality of our website.

If you are familiar with facebook and other social networks you will have no problem in using this function.

Here you will find out all that’s going-on on our website, make friends, join groups, promote services, private message users, make reviews and many more.

Register and login to our website and have a look around our menu below (or under “BordR” in the main menu) and see what it can all do!

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