Here at Adventure Paws we can help with all aspects of dog and small pet care. 

Do you need help with dog walking? We provide individual or group walks. Half or full hour dog walks. 

Do you need someone to look after your small pets in your own home while you are away? We provide 1 or 2 visits daily to check on your pet(s). We can feed, water, change the, let outside, provide companionship or a play session. 

Are you an older person needing help caring for and/or walking your dog? We provide companionship sessions during the day for you and your dog. 

Are you sick or in recovery? We can take over your pet care for you while you recover. 

We are here to help whatever your pet care needs. Get in touch today and we can discuss your needs. 


If you need pup checked on throughout the day, to be fed, toileted, walk or play session. 

1 to 1 dog walks available if you prefer you dog to be walked outwith the group setting.

1 hour dog walks with the group.

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We aim to get back to you as soon as we can.

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