Auto Solutions Borders the mechanical, diagnostic and air con service. Problem solved.

Chris Powell has over 30 years experience in the motor trade and is passionate about exceeding your expectations if you choose to make use of any of the services on offer.

Specialising in auto diagnostics, air conditioning, electrical and servicing work. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

I can now service all vehicle A/C systems including the new R-1234yf cars.
I can also give your car a One Shot, which cleanses the bacteria from the evaporator and vents.

Along with any make of tyre fitment available I’m now pleased to let you know I stock a vast range of Kormoran tyre. I have the top 10 sizes Road Performance, Ultra High Performance and All Season. Kormoran is a partner of the Michelin group so you are getting a good quality tyre at a budget price range.

Call 07484834556 for a quote/appointment.

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