supports you to change your state of mind. Your subconscious mind makes small programs, with the very best intentions, to keep you safe at all time. Sometimes those programs becomes useless, instead they start to get in the way of your happiness etc. Hypnotherapy can help to reset those programs. A hypnotherapy session can help you to access feelings, emotions and memories that may be trapped in your subconscious. By giving yourself the chance to dive deeper, you can uncover the great potential that is hidden within each of us.
£65 · 60 mins
De-stress & un-plug with this deluxe treatment-bespoke and tailored to your needs. A combo of relaxation hypnosis and a massage on an area of your choice. Delicious blended oils and soothing music to calm your body and mind and soul Achieve inner peace and stillness. Leaving you calm for hours afterwards

SPORT and REMIDIAL Massage pain relief
£30-£45 · Duration varies
A deep tissue treatment using sport and remedial technique. Your treatment aims is to get rid or reduce long term pain, new or old injuries The use of massage, fascial release, stretching, rehabilitation and exercise and individual care 20years experience

Bodywork Borders is run by Dorthe, born and brought up in Denmark. She loves the ourdoors and animals and can often be found in the hills or swimming in the lochs.

Working extensively in mental health in a range of settings led her to acquire a long standing interest in the connection between mind and body. This drew her towards bodywork and eventually qualifications in Medical Massage Therapy and Pilates and currently studying clinical hypnotherapist.

Dorthe is passionate about her work and runs a busy and successful therapy practice. She offers her clients high quality therapy tailored to suit their individual needs – each client is unique and she varies her treatment plan accordingly.


Her enthusiasm and passion for her work are reflected in her belief that offered therapies are not a luxury but a necessity.



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