Commercial Drone Operators, providing photography and videography. Fully qualified, insured and with Permission For Commercial Operations from the CAA.

In addition to wedding and estate agency work, we can also provide roofing surveys, insurance assessments, forestry and agriculture surveying etc. Why spend a fortune hiring in a scaffolding company, to allow a roofing contractor access to look for any issues? This is an exceptionally expensive, potentially dangerous and a time consuming process. We can deploy a drone (SUAs) to map the complete roof and, dependent on budget, could provide 4K video all the way through to a complete 3D high resolution model.

Safety is and always will be our priority, this is non negotiable. We will not compromise safety, even if this means re-arranging a flight, whether due to weather, other aerial traffic or no fly zones.  A pre flight survey and risk assessment will always be carried out to identify any possible issues, combined with logging the flight with the local Air Traffic Control –  this all helps to eliminate any unwanted and potentially dangerous situations.

All our stills and video are subject to strict Copyright Laws ©, no unauthorised reproduction, downloading or use without our permission.  Please feel free to have a look at our extensive gallery or visit us at



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