Along with my friend, a qualified chef, and in partnership with a number of local providers, we want to establish an immersive retreat to allow you to come and try a range of activities from practical cookery classes, walking with therapy pets and gentle exercise; to meeting ‘people like you’ that understand the cancer rollercoaster, and also just a place to come and be yourself.

I also want to run similar retreats for carers and friends / family of those affected by cancer too. Longer term, it would also be great to offer these retreats to people with any long term health condition.

Although these retreats will be based in the Scottish Borders, there is no barrier to anyone attending from outwith of that area.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to express their interest in this kind of retreat, please get in touch.

Additionally, if anyone has ideas or wants to assist with fundraising, please do get in touch.

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