In the summer of 2020, I found that I was struggling not having a sustainable studio space and was missing my art practice a lot. I was thinking of ways to combat this issue mid-pandemic and decided that I needed to regain my joy of painting in a transportable, useful and shareable way.

‚ÄčI decided to set up my shop in October 2020, @ChromaticaGarden on Instagram & Etsy as a way to sell and showcase hand-painted plant pots, and now more recently hand-painted wooden earrings. I have found such pleasure and happiness that I didn’t expect before last year in creating these little works. From the start, I valued accessibility, sustainability and most importantly a personal touch as each piece is unique. I’m really proud of everything that has happened so far with this venture and I feel so encouraged by everyone who has supported me.

If you are interested in buying anything from Chromatica Garden, follow the links in this post or email me at

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