Hi my name is Steve Murray. I pursued an idea born from the frustration of buying leads that broke over and over again.

I decided to make my own dog leads for myself and family members. These strong climbing rope based leashes proved popular and thus became Elvy Leads.

Furthermore as a big dog owner who has a dog called Elvis that loves to pull on the lead like a train, I built my own figure of 8 lead with some unique twists. This became the basis for everything else we now make.

Handcrafted dog:

Slip leads

Figure of 8 leads

& standard leads.

Collars and Grab Tags/Traffic leads all made in the scenic countryside of the Scottish Borders.

My Weimaraner and very energetic partner in crime Elvis (Elvy) is my product test pilot 🙂 if Elvis can’t break then it passes our QC 😂

Quality of parts and quality of customer service are paramount here. Elvis and I want you to enjoy our leads as much as we do.

We love everything doggy ❤️ who doesn’t? 😁

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