Transition starts with a few people forming a group, doing things they think important, and gradually involving a wider community in activities that promote a sustainable future.

Greener Melrose is a local transition group which believes it’s possible to have a more sustainable future. We have a Food group aiming to improve access to local produce by, among other things, starting a community orchard at Drygrange, with about 200 fruit trees and some allotments. Over the winter months we host talks by speakers from local groups with aims similar to ours under the banner Greener Borders and, from time to time, we put on events that we think will be of interest locally, films, apple juicing, and Open Days.  We also have links with the Council and the Community Councils.

If you are aware of an environmental problem we would like to hear from you. We may be able to help you find a solution. We have a positive vision and are working to bring it about but we do need and would welcome your help and support. You can contact us on

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