Good day! My name is Olga and I am the face behind Happy Dug pet food. My lovely Golden Retriever Robby is my soul mate and my best friend, we have been through thick and thin together, Robby was couple of years old when he started to put little bit weight on and had developed hot spots, typical retriever he is a water dog, his thick fur takes sometime to dry out. After another visit to vets to treat severe case of hot spots on his chest I had to try to find non medical solution so my water baby can enjoy unlimited swims and mud baths. After some time spent on learning and researching Happy Dug was born. Robby (The Happy Dug himself) is consuming the same food and will be looking at you from every bag of dog food that comes through your door. Lenny joined our family not long ago, rescue pup who needed good nutritious food after having not very bright start in his life. Both boys receive food containing fish oils and omega, to promote healthy gut, joints support, and of course shiny coats. Since 2016 Robby has never had hot spots again, Salmon Trout Sweet Potato and Asparagus cured this in two months.

After finding kibble that was providing healthy, balanced and nutrisious meals for all my pets (I also have two beautiful cats) I wanted to share my findings with other pet owners. Based in the Scottish Borders, delivering nationally and to some parts of Europe, I hope you have also found the pet food you have been looking for.

All our love,


Robby, Lenny, Misty and Lucy

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