We are a family farm diversification business in the Scottish Borders. Our farm -Kersheugh- is a Lothian Estate farm just south of Jedburgh which the Jackson family have leased since 1971. The farm consists of 435 acres – that’s equivalent to 247 football pitches!- Grazing the farm are 250 cows and 1000 breeding sheep. Living here also are our faithful work friends – the gang of Border collies- who every now and then raise a litter of gorgeous sheepdog puppies for the kids to play with until they are old enough for new homes or jobs on our farm (the puppies that is!!!).
From the top of the farm there are breathtaking views of looking across to the Carter Bar, Ruberslaw and Penial Heugh. Currently hosting: arts retreats, farm tours, children birthday parties and fun family events.

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