I have had a keen interest in nature and wildlife since I was a youngster, thanks mainly to my grandfather and Sunday mornings watching David Attenborough before setting off to feed the ducks at the local pond or to look for Lapwings up on the moors. I drifted away for a few years while at college and then studying Buddhism at the renowned Tibetan Buddhist monastery Kagyu Samye Ling in Dumfries and Galloway.

My interest in photography started a few years ago when I was given my dad’s old Canon 7D DSLR. Since then I have become somewhat obsessed, constantly wandering around with camera in hand.

I love photographing local wildlife but have been lucky enough to travel to Nepal and photograph much of the people, scenery and wildlife there. Since moving back to the Scottish Borders I am looking forward to photographing some of the stunning scenery and historical places of interest that we have here.

I hope you will all enjoy the photos I take and continue along with me as I begin my journey on the path of a semi-professional wildlife and landscape photographer!


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