Monomo & Co help start-up companies enter the market with confidence and style. We build unique brands that engage and inspire. We help charities to be more visible and attract vital sponsorship and funding. We bring clarity to complex corporate communications, enabling companies to evolve into stronger and more coherent businesses. And then we help them to grow.

The three most important things to know about us are:

→ We work hard to reduce the environmental impact of every design project we are involved with

→ We love to work with organizations that seek to benefit the planet and/or society

→ We create work that goes beyond expectations and stay in the memory

As a company we actively seek out partners that represent or incorporate some or many elements from this list: Sustainability, Equity, Anti-racism, Inclusivity, Accessibility, Environmental, Arts & Education, Non-profits.

So, if you think we might be able to help your organisation transform and prosper through sustainability-focused, purpose-led design, please get in touch.

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