At¬†Osteopathy in Kelso¬†we have one simple aim and that’s to provide the very best in complementary medicine and alternative healthcare, working with you to improve every aspect of your health and well-being.

We aim for excellence, and select treatments accordingly. We intend to exceed your highest expectations, each and every time you visit.

Osteopathy is an established primary healthcare system of diagnosis and treatment that recognises the role of the musculoskeletal system in the healthy functioning of the body. This includes assessing and treating faults in joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves anywhere in the body. Osteopaths rely on the innate healing ability of the body to return their patients to good health. Osteopathy is not just about treating symptoms; osteopaths are trained to seek out and treat the underlying cause of pain. The cause could be due to an old or recent injury, postural strains, stress or an underlying disease. We also guide patients into a better self-care regime by advising on lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Osteopaths treat people of all ages, including sports people, the elderly, pregnant women and adolescents and can help with a wide range of conditions.

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