A ‘Micropub’ according to the Micropub Association is defined as follows:

‘A Micropub is a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks’

Micropubs are the brainchild of Martyn Hillier who, in 2005, converted a disused butchers shop in the village of Herne, Kent into ‘The Butchers Arms’, a tiny ‘pub’ specialising in well-kept craft ales.     Also the founder of The Micropub Association, he recommended the following ‘rules’ of the Micropub:

·      Conversion of a closed shop (to bring back life to the high streets)

·      Small in size (to keep costs down and encourage a convivial, friendly atmosphere – more akin to a ‘gathering’ than a pub)

·      Limited service (Focusing on a smaller range of craft ales & craft spirits, the quality is guaranteed)

·      Limited trading hours (All micropubs have varying hours, but none of them follow traditional pub times of 11am to 11pm 7 days a week.  The hours are built around their customers, who are not the usual pub clientele).

·      Reasonable prices (With low overheads, and using local suppliers, the cost savings are passed directly to the customers.)

·      No lager (Micropubs also do not sell alcopops or cold gassy keg products.  They specialise in craft ales in interesting choices which cannot usually be matched by public houses or supermarkets.  The ales are regularly changed, keeping it fresh & interesting.)  You may well see signs outside some micropubs sporting the letters ‘NFL’… apparently it stands for ‘No ‘fizzy’ (?!) lager’…..

·      No music (Micropubs focus on the ‘lost art’ of conversation and lively banter.  The layout of micropubs encourages conversation – even between strangers.  There will be live local REAL music from REAL people from time to time though!

·      No Television (TV is a distraction from the atmosphere.  Micropubs are a ‘safe haven’ from the regular pub type atmosphere)

·      No hot food (Micropubs often sell locally produced cold snacks, as the lure of a hand raised pork pie with a rich malty beer and a nice sharp cheese with cider or a hoppy light ale is hard to resist!)  Rutherfords aim to bring you more than you expect….

·      No electronic machines/devices (Gaming machines take up valuable space and ruin the atmosphere.  Whilst some micropubs ban mobile phones (in some cases, even nailing them to the wall if you’re caught using one!) most operate a ‘silent only’ policy which suits everyone.  We don’t ban mobile phones, but we strongly advise against playing Candy Crush in the corner!!! Oh- and by the way… there are NO pokemon to hunt for in Rutherfords!

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