Following the acquisition of Ruthven Alarms Limited by Marlowe plc, Ruthven Alarms has formally integrated into Marlowe Fire & Security, effective from 1st June 2022.

Ruthven Alarms History

In April 2022, Ruthven Alarms was acquired by Marlowe plc to join the Fire Life Safety and Security Division; Marlowe Fire & Security Group.

Established in 1990, this family run company has over 40 years experience and the owners, Colin Ruthven and his wife Gaynor, together with the fully qualified administration and engineering staff, have built a reputation for personal service. The organisation believes enthusiastically that the high quality of their workmanship and products and customer satisfaction has been the main factor of their success.

Why Marlowe Fire & Security?

Marlowe Fire & Security has over 40 years’ experience providing market-leading fire protection services and was selected by Ruthven Alarms for our excellent customer service levels.

The range of solutions Ruthven Alarms provides is complementary to our service offering. Marlowe Fire & Security provide national coverage through our UK wide delivery model, and our customers will benefit from access to additional engineering resource based in Scotland.

What will change and what will stay the same?

From 1st June 2022 all future company communications will be branded Marlowe Fire & Security.

In addition, Ruthven Alarms email addresses have changed to and our new advertised telephone number is 0333 010 2000. The Ruthven Alarms website will redirect to in addition to social media accounts and online directories.

Please be aware that all previous email addresses are automatically redirected to ensure no communication is lost and the old telephone number is diverted to our centralised 24/7 Customer Service Desk.

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