Located on the Carolside Estate, outside of Earlston, TPT comprises of an acre of garden, with the River Leader on one side. The market garden has greenhouses, poly tunnels, no-dig beds/raised beds, and has ample scope to develop the site for a range of fruit & veg production.
The garden is chemical free, everything used in the growing of the veg is natural, homemade, and locally sourced. Composting is as important as the veg you’re growing. It’s all about Long-Term Fertility & a Closed Loop System. 

We also have our own water source, orchard, pond, and garden, which has several features to it.

I have many years of growing and horticultural experience, both in Scotland and abroad, and understand there is a need in the Scottish Borders for quality and healthy plants for the public , who understand now more than ever about food provenance and wish to source locally their products.

I source heritage and heirloom seed, open-pollinated, to build on traditional varieties, as well as the seed normally found in local garden centres, but I try to keep these to a minimum. I also seed save, to build up pest and disease resistance, and local soil habituation.

The aim is to offer to the public as wide a range of Vegetable & Herb plants as possible – everything from the traditional types grandad used to grow, to recent developments/rediscoveries of unusual varieties, and the recent interest in global vegetables, such as Asian greens, or the weird new hybrids of tomatoes, I provide all of these and more. Most of these have been already grown here at The Plot Thickens  to ensure the reliability of growth from seed to harvest.

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