The settlement was started in the early 1970s on the land of a farm whose original house still stands (serving as a boarding cattery) adjacent to the community centre (known locally as ‘The Barns’). The original settlement was built by Scottish Special Housing and included the streets of Neidpath Court, Blakehope Court, Hareshaw Bank, Stobshaw Place, Stobshaw Terrace and Haining Drive. In the 1980s Bett Housing (later to be taken over by Lema Homes) began building on the site at the entry of Tweedbank from Galashiels; this estate included the streets Abbotslea, Riverside Drive, Abbotsferry Road, Lowood Park, Ladymoss and Heathery Rigg. To locals this area was often known as ‘the Betts’.

The 1990s saw two developments by Eildon Housing Association, namely Jura Drive and Craw Wood, with private housing being built around Tweedbank View and Tweedbank Drive. The final development in the 2000s was constructed by Barratt Homes in the area around Weavers Linn, built on the former Abbotsford to Lowood road (later a footpath).

Before the advent of the new town of Tweedbank, the area was occupied by the farms of Tweedbank and Bridgend Mains . The new housing estate lies in the civil parish of Melrose in the former county of Roxburghshire.

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