1. TBBM Biomechanics Coach, Level 4 Therapy Exercise, Level 3 Pilates, 200hr Yoga Teacher, Level 2 ETM Fitness Instructor ,Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Instructor, Senior Fitness Specialist, Myofascial Release & Foam Roller, Transform, Metafit , Zumba, Piyo Live, Sunrise Yoga, Indoor Studio Cycling & Studio Resistance Instructor

PiYo Live! A high intensity, music driven, athletic workout. Also done as a less intense Stretch & Flow format.

Pilates- an amazing exercise system focusing on control and breath to facilitate flowing, precise movements that use the powerhouse muscles of the core to enable each exercise to give maximum efficiency. Builds strength, works on imbalance and creates a mind body awareness.

πŸ—£οΈI’m not flexible. I’m not coordinated. I can’t do press ups. I hate Burpees. I can’t jump. I have to watch my joints. I’m too big. I don’t have anyone to go with. I’m too shy.
You name it, I’ve heard the excuses! Heck, I’ve used them before myself!
πŸ™ˆIt might surprise a lot of you to know that until 5yrs ago, I was PAINFULLY shy! Like seriously, had a major problem, type shy! I was that girl in class who didn’t speak and kept herself to herself. Probably the one folks that was a bit weird 🀦I felt nauseous at the thought of having to chat to anyone! I know what it’s like to overcome hurdles!
Becoming an instructor was a “now or never” “I have to take action NOW”, “kill or cure” time for me! And I cannot ever imagine turning back. Facing my ultimate fear, was completely life changing. I have met so many amazing people and I have thee best job in the world ❀️ I’m not gonna deny it was TOUGH for me to stand in front of a class and put myself out there. But hey, guess what? I survived πŸ™Œ I still am a massive introvert, but that’s allowed right?
So, I TOTALLY understand the apprehension and fear you might have about joining me to try a class. I try to keep classes positive and encouraging. I try to give you the modifications you need to make you feel successful. I’m not an “in your face, shouting and screaming” pushy instructor. I will gently encourage you to progress when I feel you’re ready. I get a buzz out of seeing people master things they once thought impossible 😍.
So please πŸ™ if you’ve ever fancied trying PiYo (or any class for that matter), give it a bash. You never know where it might lead. New friendships (it’s where a lot of good friends are made πŸ˜€), new mobility, new confidence….you just never know! And if you don’t like it, you’ve wasted an hour and a few quid 🀷 It’s no biggie. I have thick skin, I can cope if you tell me you don’t like class .. we’re all different right?
πŸ’ͺSo if you feel you could do to free off tight muscles, need some me time, want to work on your strength, burn off some calories or just meet some new people, drop me a message and book a space in class. PiYo is an energetic class so a baseline of fitness is preferred, but modifications and progressions are given to suit varying abilities.
PiYo Stretch & Flow is a great introduction to PiYo and is kept at slower counts and a lower intensity but again, you can work harder by progressing moves.
Whatcha waiting for peeps? πŸ€—

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