I’m Melanie, and according to one of my very best friends, I live in a house of giants, a.k.a. my husband and two sons, all over 6 feet tall. They call me Teeny-Tiny Little Melanie!

My constant companion is our gorgeous bundle of fluff Barney – our Cavapoo dog…although he seems to think that he’s a teddy bear and should be cuddled all day. Not ideal when he ends up with some highlights in his fur.

We also share our home with four cats, or should I say the cats share their home.

I love family, friends, kindness, cats, dogs, cupcakes, flowers, the beach, the Borders, and my boys.

All of my designs are hand-painted in acrylic, watercolour and ink from my studio. My inspiration comes from the beautiful country side just outside my window.

Hand-painted wooden hearts finished with a high-gloss resin. A perfect gift for anyone!

I send my art with love “from my part of the world to yours”.

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